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Enterprise advantages
Technology research and development advantages:
Based on the concept of "science & technology innovation, culture creativity ", the Great Wall Group has set up a design and development center of more than 6000 square meters, and has constructed a market-oriented research and development system based on Guangdong Ceramic Decoration Materials Engineering Technology Research and Development Center —— Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center.
When vigorously implementing technological innovation, at the same,the Great Wall Group focuses on promoting the management mechanism of combining innovation with intellectual property management, patent and standard. Up to now, the Great Wall Group has designed more than 4,000 kinds of ceramic products, more than 10,000 kinds of flowers, more than 100 national patents. And then,the court type special craft porcelain series products and inlay type antibacterial ceramics preparation craft products filled the domestic blank, and obtained the national torch program project certificate . Antibacterial ceramics, bone porcelain, luminescent ceramics and other high-tech ceramics are included in the provincial and municipal science and technology plans.
The Great Wall
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