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CEO Speech
With the rise of the Chinese economy and the revival of traditional culture, Oriental culture has begun to form a strong consumer trend in the international market. Ceramics are well-deserved symbols of Chinese culture.
In English word,"ceramics" is synonymous with "China". To promote ceramic culture is to promote Chinese culture. Ceramics "solidify" the wisdom and culture of the Chinese nation and pass on from generation to generation. It is a history book that interprets the human material and spiritual world. It is a history with no missing information, and it is also the culture closest to life. "Great Wall Porcelain" integrates various cultural elements of China. It represents China, ceramics, and the spirit of the Chinese nation.
It is also a symbol, symbol of the long-standing ceramic culture like the Great Wall towering, stretching forever.
The implementation of strategic objectives with the plan of "building platforms, creating channels and building brands" is a very important strategic measure in the development of the Great Wall Group.
In order to further clarify the "Great Wall Porcelain" brand connotation, channel brand positioning and core concepts of brand management, we have formed the "Great Wall Porcelain"-Great Wall Group Brand Culture Manual.
To Strengthening the construction of domestic and abroad marketing networks is also an important measure,at the same time, to implement the mission of "let ceramic culture spread all over the world". Not only let the world know the Chinese ceramics, but also let ceramics enter the lives of all people. Let life be artistic, art be living,
Excavating the wisdom of ceramics, take ceramics as the carrier to carry forward Chinese culture, improve people's life taste, and discover the beauty of life everywhere.
Hope that everyone can fall in love with the national quintessence, his own national symbols, and ceramics and hope that Great Wall Porcelain can make people's lives better and become the clearest cultural symbol on the planet like the "Great Wall".
The Great Wall
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